Forever Unique

Country: UK

Brand History:  Desire to offer ‘offer occasion wear that goes beyond the norm’. For

ever Unique aims to create both everyday and eveningwear that will always look good, but at the same time stand out.

Established in 2008, born out of a desire to offer occasion wear that goes beyond the norm. We’re proud to have become a major player in the UK retail sector in such a short time, stocked at over 500 independent

retailers and all relevant store groups. Inevitably our message spread and we’re ecstatic to work with partners in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA. With particular focus on an exclusive boutique feel, Forever Unique has achieved widespread success without becoming mass market.

Brand Features: 

24/7 GLAMOUR – Strong brand identity and consistent in-house design ensure we’re the ‘go to’ you can rely on before a special event. We pride ourselves on stand out silhouettes, body perfecting construction & premium embellishment; everything needed to maximise your look for when it matters most. We offer a unique take on the trends of the moment to make sure our customer is always one step ahead.

FEARLESS – Our woman knows her style, knows how to dress her body – and she’s not afraid to work her assets. She has confidence in putting together a strong look; she’s not afraid to take risks with her style & does so regularly. Spontaneity is in her nature; she loves an adventure & is brave in her endeavours.

PREMIUM – It’s the high quality fabric, skilful embellishment and careful cut that give the Forever Unique woman her superior look. She customises with bold accessories to take it to the next level, always keeping her style admirers guessing.

TIMELESS – She’s a shining example of quintessential Brit glamour. Her style reflects the inimitable confidence she exudes. She believes life’s too short to wear boring clothes. She makes educated choices, towards investment pieces which will serve her wardrobe well.

 Product Mix: 

Sales Channels: 

Stocked at over 500 independent online/retailers and all relevant store groups, including Selfridges,,, there is balance between awareness and availability, and avoiding over-familiarity.

In China, we are stocking with over 10 boutiques in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wenzhou and Taiwan. We would like to work with high end multi-label stores and boutiques in China.

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