About Us

Project Crossover is a UK fashion agency. We provide highly specialised ser vices, tailor-made to meet the specific needs of clients in the ever accelerating world of the fashion Industry. We support designer brands and offer a platform in which they can express their vision and concepts in the international Asian market; this along with our goals to constantly be a company who refines our services by keeping ahead of the trends and by sharing our knowledge.

As an agency founded by industry experts whose experiences span over the Chinese and international fashion markets, we are able to deliver personalised communication between our brands, customers and partners as we facilitate the needs of different markets and cultures.

The China market is complicated. With its own political system, rules and regulations, which in turn affects the way media is presented and also how promotional material of fashion is used.

Our role as a fashion agency is to  s i m p l i f y  this. 



A simple translation will not bring meaningful messages to the local market – our role is to create specific campaigns.


We monitor all platforms to be cohesive – strong identity is most important.


While market and trends are ever changing, we make sure our clients are up to speed.

Project Crossover works with over 200 buyers through our Shanghai and Hong Kong showrooms; they cover a wide and influential spectrum across China and South East Asia. This includes the best of the multi-brand stores, department stores, independent boutiques and distributors. Shown below are to name a few.